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Pet's Treats & Snack

There are different selections to choose from and be sure to accommodates the different palette of the furkids, whether your furkid is a vegan or likes meaty stuff.

All these treats are made from our very own kitchen with fresh sourced ingredients.

* Waiting Period *

We do not make these treats in large quantities to ensure freshness when you receive the goods, hence we always appreciate your patience when you place the order as waiting period may vary from 3 to 5 days upon full payment received in case we ran out of stock and to bake fresh for your furkid comsumptions.

You will be informed and updated on the stock availability and waiting period should it happen.

* Storage and Handling *

These treats are best consumed within 4 months from date of manufacture.

Advised to be kept in refrigerator or in air tight container in cool places, away from direct heat.

Always supervised when feeding